Jackson Squirrel Removal

Jackson Squirrel RemovalAnimal Pros is your best solution for squirrel removal of squirrels in the attic in Jackson. If you are experiencing squirrels in your attic, in your gutter, or on your roof in Jackson, Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, and Middle Tennessee, contact Animal Pros for a wildlife inspection. We not only remove squirrels, but also provide prevention and repair services to close up squirrel openings for good. Squirrels may be cute, but they can cause a lot of damage to your home. Squirrel removal is needed before they create a big problem or decide to move into the attic of your home or business. They are known to easily jump from trees to roofs where they gnaw their way into attics and destroy insulation and drywall in order to make their nests.

Experienced Animal Pros professionals will handle squirrel removal in a humane manner and will secure your building from future intrusions, by offering superior squirrel proofing repairs. Jackson Animal Pros is multi-state certified, fully licensed, and insured. We have years of experience and are BBB Accredited. The buck stops with us, as quality and customer satisfaction is held in the highest regard. Our permanent solutions give you peace of mind, knowing your problem is handled the right way. Our step-by-step solutions will effectively solve squirrel and wildlife problems permanently, as we offer:

  • On-site evaluation.
  • No trap set-up charges.
  • Humane, poison free, trapping solutions, monitored daily.
  • No per animal charges.
  • On-site estimates for exterior seal-up of your home or building.
  • On-site estimates for decontamination of affected areas.
  • Guaranteed work, with a warranty you can count on.
  • Insurance claim specialists for wildlife and animal damage.
  • We specialize in squirrels and wildlife.

Squirrel Trapping Solutions

Squirrels in walls in Jackson

If you notice squirrels in your attic in Jackson and Middle Tennessee, you may think that trapping the squirrels will be easy. So you go down and buy a live cage trap and smear peanut butter in the trap, but do not catch anything, or notice the peanut butter gone, but no capture. What did you do wrong? Or you happen to catch a squirrel in a trap and drive it down to the nearest park to let it go free. Is that legal? Most over-the-counter live cage traps available are not sensitive enough to repeatedly capture squirrels, or will be damaged beyond repair if you accidentally capture a skunk or raccoon. This explains how a squirrel can get all the peanut butter out of the trap without getting caught. Even if you do happen to catch a squirrel, is it ok to take it to the nearest park and release it? No, in Tennessee, you can not transport any wildlife or release wildlife anywhere other than your own property without the proper permits, which includes squirrels. Leave squirrel removal to the professionals at Animal Pros, and contact us today.

Jackson Squirrel Control

Jackson Squirrel Trapping

Experienced Animal Pros professionals will perform an initial evaluation of your squirrel problem, by looking at the openings and damage caused by the squirrels in your attic. We will set traps on site according to squirrel activity and the animals behavior. Every Squirrel control job is different. Our wildlife experts will inspect your home for nesting, damaged electrical wires from squirrel chewing, damage to air conditioning duct work, gnawing on wood surfaces, fecal accumulation, all openings, and will provide you a personalized inspection report detailing all of recommendations. We provide affordable options that get results. All repairs performed by Jackson Animal Pros are backed by a warranty you can count on.

Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels in attic Jackson

Squirrels in Your Attic? Once a squirrel has gained access into your home or attic, the chewing of electrical wires, insulation damage, contamination, and noises will begin. Squirrel repellents and noise makers will not be effective, as you will need squirrel trapping. The only way to permanently solve the squirrel problem, is to remove the squirrels with the natural behavior patterns of coming into your home, attic or chimney. Jackson Animal Pros wildlife experts know animal behaviors and patterns. Our proven solutions give you peace of mind knowing your squirrels in attic Jackson problem is taken care of permanently.

Some of the squirrel nuisance concerns that you may encounter:

Types Of Squirrels In Jackson

Squirrels in Jackson consist of Grey Squirrels (Most Commonly Seen), Red Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, and the Fox Squirrels, with variations in sizes between the species. Most of the damage caused by squirrels is relatively the same with teeth growing constantly and the need to keep their teeth filed down by chewing. Squirrels of varying species can cohabitate in an attic. Flying squirrels and grey squirrels will cause most of the nuisance animal removal complaints.

Grey Squirrels

Gray Squirrels in Jackson

Tennessee’s Eastern Grey Squirrel is the most common squirrel species in the state. They frequent most residential neighborhoods, acrobatically robbing bird feeders, running across roofs, and chewing and gnawing their way into attics. Grey Squirrels give birth twice a year, once in the spring, and again in late summer. Average litter is 3-4 young at a time. Grey Squirrel nests are easily spotted in winter, as leaves turn brown giving away their location. With the ability to jump at incredible heights, run up the side of homes, and adapt well in residential settings, they are causing problems everywhere. Interestingly the greatest tool of a squirrel is its tail, with the use of its tail for shade from the sun, balancing, as a umbrella, and even as a rudder when swimming.

Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels in Jackson

Tennessee Flying Squirrels in reality do not fly, but rather glide through the air, or from trees to your roof. Increasing in populations, there are certain areas in Tennessee that has Flying Squirrel problems. Flying Squirrels have young twice a year, once in spring, and again in late summer, and can have as many as 2-7 young per litter. Removal of Flying Squirrels should only be attempted from a professional, as they do possess the ability to return if not taken far away. Flying Squirrels are nocturnal in most cases, and active throughout the year.

Squirrel Dangers

Jackson Squirrel Cleanup

Disease information for Squirrels is not too much to worry about, except we had a confirmed case in Franklin, TN, of a homeowner contacting Leptospirosis from coming in contact with squirrel urine while in her attic pulling out Christmas decorations. The zoonotic disease came on much like the flu virus, and was dismissed as such until the effects started getting much worse prompting hospital treatment. While disease transmission is rare from squirrels to humans, it is possible in areas that contain fecal or urine accumulation and nesting. According to the Center For Disease Control, between 1976 to 2001 there were 39 human infections of Typhus Fever from Flying Squirrels or nests. In addition to diseases, a concern should also be to ectoparasites which includes fleas, ticks, mites, and even mosquitoes that have bitten a infected animal. A far greater concern than diseases or ectoparasites in squirrels, would be if you have squirrels in your attic, chewing on electrical lines.

Squirrels Chewing Electric Wires

Squirrels chewing wires in Jackson home

Squirrels are to blame for a estimated 30,000 house fires each year and millions in damages. Squirrels have caused power outages in cities and states nationwide, and with teeth growing 2″-3″ it is understandable why they have to keep them filed down by gnawing. Squirrels will chew on things in a attic, automobile, and even outside power lines. Why? To keep teeth filed down and to see if something is edible. We have created the perfect habitat with plenty of oak trees, shade, shelter, and even bird feeders, that squirrels have the knack of utilizing. Every State has been affected by Squirrel Chewing, causing Electrical outages, even Nasdaq, Airports, Businesses, and hundreds of thousand residents nationwide. Squirrels have surpassed the cyber hackers as the greatest threat to our electrical grid. The only permanent solution is to remove problem squirrels from the area. For Commercial clients, these situations require immediate assistance and urgency. Normal wildlife operators wont have 100 traps to bring out to a commercial squirrel job. We are available when seconds count.

Squirrel Damage To Your Home

Squirrel damaging roof in Jackson

If you have squirrels, and go in your attic, and make sure everything is out, and quickly go outside and repair the opening. You’re in the clear right? Wrong. Squirrels that have developed the natural behavior pattern of entering your attic, will keep that behavior pattern until the are removed from the area. A squirrel can literally chew a softball size opening in wood in a matter of minutes. If you have previously had squirrels removed, and the squirrels have came back, and re entered your attic, why did that not last? All wildlife communicates by scent markings. If you have ever seen a dog mark a fire hydrant, another dog smells the fire hydrant, that’s what i mean. Body oils that rub off a squirrels fur at the openings it is entering, or fecal and urine accumulation in a attic, nesting, these things are like a calling card to a squirrel. Squirrels will come back if any of these items are left in the area. That is why it is important to use a professional.

Animal Pros offers residential and commercial squirrel control services for homeowners, businesses, property managers, airports, and government. We are fully licensed and insured, multi state certified, and experts when it comes to offering solutions for wildlife problems. Squirrel control services are offered in Jackson and Middle Tennessee area wide including: Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Columbia, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Hermitae, Antioch, Goodlettsville, Springfield, White House, Lebanon, Portland, Mt. Juliet, Gallatin, and Fairview.

Squirrel Repellents

Jackson and Middle Tennessee has a very large squirrel population, as squirrels can be seen in every area across the state. For homeowners experiencing squirrel problems, repellents like moth balls, cayenne pepper, electronic noise makers, and ammonia are often tried, with no to little success. For most repellents, they will not be effective for squirrels, and in most cases used in ways other than manufacturers recommendations. For squirrel problems to be successful, the squirrel causing the problems must be removed, and openings secured to prevent future extrusions. Regardless if you see a hundred squirrels in your yard, there will only be a few squirrels utilizing your attic. Contact a Animal Pros specialist for immediate help today.

Question?: I have Squirrels in the attic, and live traps baited with peanut butter, because that’s what it said online, but have not had any luck. What am I doing wrong.

Answer: There are a few things initially i would change. Over the counter traps, or traps you buy at a local hardware store are usually not as sensitive as they should be for successful trapping. The trigger mechanism is usually to heavy to work optimally. Second thing is the bait choice. Not all squirrels will be crazy about peanut butter, or the squirrels may prefer the bird seed in the feeder outside, or there may be a abundance of oak trees in your yard, or traps are not in the right location. There are many aspects that are evaluated by our specialists to ensure successful trapping.

Question?: I see squirrels going in my attic, but when I go up in my attic I don’t see anything. Can you help me understand whats going on?

Answer: Squirrels in a attic can nest in the attic, but usually it will be in the soffit area, the drop down space from the attic, which is vented, but travels usually around the homes perimeter. Even when its hot in your attic, because the soffit is vented, its almost like the squirrel is outside, plus they can pull insulation down from the attic to make a suitable nesting location. I would place a trap as close to or on the opening the squirrel is entering or exiting.

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