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animal contamination cleanup, damage repairWhen an animal nests in a home, it creates a huge mess of feces, urine, and other debris. These substances are not only unpleasant but create a health hazard for your home or business. Without taking action to remove and restore your home or office, these contaminants are causing additional damage day by day. Contact Animal Pros and we’ll clean up the mess and make sure the area is returned to a sanitary condition.

Bats and other animals that build nests in your attics can cause contamination problems.  Bat guano and animal feces can destroy insulation and attract insects.  Let untreated this Jackson damaged insulation can lead to health problems in your home.  Once the animals have been removed, let us take care of the cleanup needed to keep your home and family healthy.

Pest animal may be cute critters, but they also pose a serious threat to your health, home and pets. While these creatures appear harmless, they can also carry a fatal virus known as the hantavirus. Rodents such as mice and rats can be difficult to capture and contain as they reproduce and repopulate rapidly. However; given the seriousness of the hantavirus, a professional Jackson animal contamination cleanup team must be contacted in order to avoid transmission of the deadly Hantavirus.

The hantavirus is also airborne and must be destroyed prior to cleanup. Symptoms of the virus include fever, coughing, nausea, stomach ache, and muscle aches. These symptoms are often noticeable between one and five weeks of exposure to the virus. Highly skilled professionals use HazMat methods in the removal or disposal of the animals according to state and federal guidelines.You can rest assured knowing your residential or commercial dwelling will be restored to safety.